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Harbour Shipping Corporation offers the following services:

Multimodal and logistics services


Trained personnel are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet our customers’ demands in a wide range of services such as repair and maintenance of containers; revision and repairs in port and on board ships; container transport services to any port in the country either empty or full, and dry or refrigerated. In addition, Harbour Shipping Corporation also does container inspection, and washing and cleaning.

Services to ships crossing the Panama Canal


We offer the following services to ships bound for foreign or sailing between any enabled port in the Republic of Panama in both Pacific and Atlantic, or in any foreign port:


  • Monitoring and management of refrigerated cargo,
  • Connection, disconnection and relocation,
  • Monitoring special refrigerated containers as controlled atmosphere and the cold treatment. They require special process both, on board ships, and in the port terminals.
  • Our company also offers shipping agencies processes data log download to your refrigerated containers - on board or in port.


Harbour Shipping Corporation is fully convinced that the growth of the company directly connected to the development of our human talent, so that our group of collaborators are permanently updated with the latest techniques to meet the objectives of the company in order to provide a service of high quality standards.

Since 2013 Harbour Shipping Corporation has been operations in the Republic of Panama with the objective of providing a wide range of multimodal and logistics services to shipping companies and port terminals operating in Panama. The main focus of the services are on inspection, repair and maintenance of containers and the provision of services to ships that pass through the Panama Canal. We also offer transport facilities, management and / or storage of air cargo.


Harbour Shipping Corporation currently operates port terminals in Panama Ports Company in both its terminal, Balboa on the Pacific and of Cristobal on the Atlantic, and PSA International Terminal on the western side of the Panama Canal, guaranteeing our customers the highest level of services whether in operations on their ships and connections, or as a reliable partner for immediate response to any contingency that productivity thereof is not affected.



We focus our efforts on perfecting the handling of our customers cargo. In order to achieve this high level of efficiency and productivity, we reinvest into our human resources and train continuously to improve our competitiveness in the marine and port sector.

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